Sony Japan Allegedly Clarifies Policies on Censorship

“the policies that are being applied nowadays have existed for a long time, but Sony has started to enforce them in stricter ways on a global level. While they technically aren’t new regulations, they have been applied in a rather relaxed way until recent times, and that attitude has now changed.”

What did I tell you. It’s what I’ve been saying folks, Sony, NOT Nintendo, is the true censorship monster that you should be lashing out at. The reason you never heard of these policies in the past was because Sony has the media by the balls.

I have a message to all those idiot commenters from Niche Gamer (like you know who) who attacked me, Travis and the rest of our user base for the past 3 years: I TOLD YOU SO. And so did Razorfist multiple times over in his numerous rants about Sony.

Since when did people think PlayStation had integrity? Since when did people think Sony had any integrity? Haven’t you heard or seen anything about their history?

It’s corrupt to its core. And they easily make Nintendo and Microsoft look like Mother Teresa in comparison and then some.

Published by alex9234

A skeptical game writer who doesn't believe the gaming press.

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