C’s ware – An Obscure and Forgotten Japanese Visual Novel Developer

*AGE WARNING: This discussion contains links to some NSFW images, so take note if you are under the age of 18 so you can avoid these links.*

This is a discussion that I had wanted to do for almost 2 years now, as over the past 4 years, I was building up my collection of Japanese Sega Saturn games. Policenauts and Famicom Detective Club II got me interested in Visual Novels, and I had picked up a couple for the Saturn thanks to a friend of mine. And yes, these are those 18+ VNs that were Japan-only releases for the Saturn. So, what company put out these Eroge VNs? Some of you may or may not have heard of this company before. This company is called C’s ware.

The Tokyo-based company has been putting out VNs since the early 90s, and they’ve released games on the PC, Sega Saturn, PS1, PS2, NEC PC-98, and Sega Dreamcast. And if you’re wondering, yes, their PC releases are filled with explicit adults-only content, such as sex and nudity, and even deliberate depictions of sex acts. Once again, not exaggerating. However, for their console releases, said content had been removed to comply with Sony and Sega’s policies, as Sony does not allow Adults Only games on their consoles, and I believe that was the same in Sega’s case back when they were still a console manufacturer.

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the two games that C’s ware is known for:

Desire, a 1994 PC-98 release that was eventually ported to Windows 95, Windows 98, Sega Saturn and PS2

and what is probably their most famous game, EVE: Burst Error, which came out in 1995 for the PC-98, Windows 95 (?), and was ported to the Saturn in 1997.

I also have these two games, both for the Saturn:

EVE: Burst Error

The plot of EVE: Burst Error follows two separate investigations that have two separate main characters – Marina Hojo, a government agent who has been assigned to protect the daughter of a Japanese embassy official, and Kojiroh Amagi, a washed-up private investigator who has been hired by a Chinese professor to track down a missing piece of art. Though it may not seem like it, the two cases are eventually connected to each other, and the main characters get caught up in something huge.

If you want to read more about the game, check out RPG Fan’s review of the game here:


And here’s a short summary of the game from GiantBomb:


EVE: Burst Error was originally localized by JAST USA back in the late 90s, but I recently found out that it was localized AGAIN by a company called MangaGamer back in 2012, and is available as a digital download on MangaGamer’s site. And like it’s console ports, this translated version had it’s adult content cut out so it could get an M rating from the ESRB instead of the infamous AO rating.

Oh, and here’s some gameplay footage. Also, the artwork of these games is very similar to the artwork of other famous hentai manga/anime artists, like Satoshi Urushihara. Though it doesn’t quite resemble his work:


As for Desire, I was unable to find any information on what the game is about, however I was able to find some gameplay footage, in English too!

But thanks to JAST USA, Desire was released in the U.S. for Windows 98 in 1999. However, I am unable to find any images of the boxart for this release, and it seems that this version was released in very small quantities. However, as I checked out this game’s Wiki page on GiantBomb, I discovered that the U.S. version DID NOT have it’s adults-only content removed. Link to the page is here, and I highly suggest that anyone under the age of 18 refrain themselves from clicking on the link.



Both EVE: Burst Error and Desire were created by the late Hiroyuki Kanno, a big detective/mystery novel fan who is considered to be one of the most influential Japanese game designers and scenario writers. He is also famous for the 1996 PC and Sega Saturn game YU-NO, a visual novel that once had the longest script ever written for a video game with 100,000 dialogue lines. Kanno passed away in 2011 at the young age of 43 from a cerebral infarction.

Though Desire did not get any sequels, EVE: Burst Error did, as EVE became the signature franchise of C’s ware and has had 5 new entries since it’s 1995 debut:

EVE: The Lost One, which came out in 1998 for the Sega Saturn and PC

ADAM: The Double Factor, a 1999 PC-only release

EVE Zero: Ark of the Matter, which came out in 2000 for the PS1 and Sega Dreamcast (the only game in the series to have a Dreamcast release)

EVE: The Fatal Attraction, which came out in 2001 for the PS1 and PC

And the most recent entry in the franchise is EVE: New Generation, which came out for the PS2 and PC in 2006.

And Burst Error got a remake on the PS Vita as <strong>EVE: Burst Error R</strong>. Yes, not making this up, here’s the trailer for the remake:

It came out on April 28th last year. No wonder the Vita is considered to be the go-to gaming system for weebs and otakus.

EDIT: EVE: Burst Error R got a port to the Nintendo Switch in October of last year, marking the first time that a C’s ware title has ever come to a Nintendo platform.

However, I am unable to find any information on it’s sequels besides a couple trailers and some gameplay videos on YouTube. Hell, just finding information on C’s ware and their games was quite a chore because these games don’t have a big following here in the States. I LITERALLY had to scrape the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL for what I am telling you here. Nonetheless, it is a pretty interesting topic, and I would like to play more of the EVE games if they ever get fan-translated. And yes, I’ll admit, I would like to get my hands on a copy of the rare western release of Desire. I know JAST USA sold it back in the day, and since JAST just put out their Classics section, could we see some old C’s ware games get re-released again?

Well, that’s it for this one. I doubt many of you will read this as you’ll want more interesting discussions from me, but I just thought that I would bring it up. And I was kind of hesitant about writing something like this, considering the suggestive content and fearing that I would get reported for writing something like this. Then again, Joshua wrote a discussion about the uncensored Liar-soft games which has some explicit content in it a while back, and that didn’t get reported on.

Well, let me know your thoughts in the comments below, if I’m not reported for this, that is.

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  1. nice write up, c’s ware was indeed a great developer, you should check out dividead, it’s also very good. (and in english)


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