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Welcome to another episode of Sunday Review, and today we’re taking a look at a game from a long lost classic Capcom franchise that died out back in the 6th generation. This franchise was also created by the man who game the world Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami. This franchise is like Resident Evil in a way. It is survival horror like Resident Evil, but instead of zombies and BOWs, there are dinosaurs instead. Have you wondered what Resident Evil and Jurassic Park would look like if they got thrown together in a blender? Well, it would be Dino Crisis, which came out on the PS1 in 1999, and was eventually ported to the Dreamcast and PC the following year.

The Plot

Dino Crisis takes place in 2009 on the fictional Ibis Island, located in the southern Pacific Ocean. The U.S. Army’s Secret Operation Raid Team (SORT), has sent an agent known as Tom to the island to investigate a research facility. There, Tom learns that a scientist known as Dr. Edward Kirk, who was presumed dead 3 years ago, faked his death and is the head of a secret weapons project in the facility. SORT then sends four agents – Regina, Cooper, Gail and Rick – to the island to apprehend Dr. Kirk. The team arrives on the island by parachuting from a helicopter, however, Cooper, is blown off course and lands in a jungle far away from the others. After landing, he gets chased down by a T-Rex and is eaten. The other three agents then proceed with the mission, unaware that Cooper has died.

While investigating inside the base, the agents discover the devoured corpses of scientists and security guards. After splitting up to restore power to the facility, Gail then goes missing. Regina goes to search for Gail, but is chased by a Velociraptor. She manages to reunite with Rick, and they conclude that the dinosaurs were responsible for the massacre at the base. Although their mission to arrest Dr. Kirk still stands, the two of them plan to signal for a rescue. Regina heads out to the main antenna to contact an airlift, but she is attacked by another Velociraptor and is then saved by Gail. Gail then continues to search for Dr. Kirk, while Regina heads to restore communications at the base. Afterwards, Regina then heads to the control room and they all receive a signal on their communicators. Rick thinks that it’s either Tom or Cooper in trouble, and wants to investigate. Gail, however, shoots the idea down and wants to track down Kirk. Which route will Regina choose?

The Gameplay

The gameplay of Dino Crisis is very similar to that of early Resident Evil games. The game has tank controls like Resident Evil, and you can push and climb objects. Unlike Resident Evil, you can move while aiming your weapons and use auto targeting. This game also has the same Metroidvania template as Resident Evil – there are save points, rooms containing items and weapons, and locked doors. Some doors are locked by a D.D.K. (digital disk key) device, which requires a code disc and input disc which can be used to decipher a code and unlock the door. You can also activate red force field beams to prevent access to enemies who are chasing after you.

You can carry key items, weapons, ammo, and medical supplies, but only in limited quantities for the first two because Regina has a limited inventory. You can store items in Emergency Boxes, however, they need to be unlocked with special items called Plugs before you can use them. There are also quicktime events, as the word DANGER will flash in the bottom portion of the screen, and you’ll have to push all the buttons on the controller as much as possible. There are multiple endings as well, so make sure you get yourself a guide before playing this.

The Characters

Regina – Age: 23 – Regina is the main character of Dino Crisis. She is an agent of the Special Operation Raid Team, which is an intelligence group of the U.S. Army. She operated as a weapons specialist, but took on other tasks as assigned, such as gathering intelligence. She is fully capable of working independently when required to, and she assists her fellow team members to ensure that they accomplish their missions. Regina’s outfit also appears as a bonus costume in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis for Jill Valentine, and can be unlocked when you beat the game once on any difficulty.

Rick – Age: 25 – Rick is a member of SORT and is basically Regina’s partner-in-crime. He works as a technology and computer security expert for the team under Gail’s leadership, and is an expert computer hacker. During missions, he solves technical problems, repairs equipment and deactivates security devices.

Gail – Age: 38 – Gail is the leader of SORT. As the leader of SORT, he comes up with strategies, issues orders to other team members, and directs the team’s mission progress. He also acts as an agent, investigating certain areas and fighting enemies. He also acts alone quite often, allowing the agents under his command to complete their missions by any means necessary with little advice.

My Thoughts

I was looking for other games that were like Resident Evil on the PS1, so I picked this one up, and I enjoyed the whole game. The gameplay is great and I liked some of the improvements that were made from Resident Evil. The soundtrack is also very good and features lots of chilling tracks like in the Resident Evil games. There are also tons of great jump scares, like when the T-Rex appears and will try to eat Regina. Another plus is that the voice acting doesn’t suck. Really. It’s actually somewhat decent and doesn’t sound cheesy, and I’d say it’s almost on par with Metal Gear Solid’s voice acting. The multiple endings also add a good challenge as well. Some flaws, though. It’s very easy to get lost and not know what to do next, and you will have to do a ton of backtracking. Overall, this is a very good game, and is a fresh change of pace from Resident Evil. If you’re looking for a great survival horror game on the PS1 that isn’t a Resident Evil game or Silent Hill, this is one great recommendation.

My score: 9/10




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