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Armored Warriors review

alex9234’s Sunday Review

Time for yet another game review. And it’s an arcade one as well. This was a game that I got to play back at Youmacon 2016, and I was hooked the second I played it. This game was created by the producer of Final Fight, Yoshiki Okamoto, and is an underrated, yet forgotten arcade gem. Which game is this? Armored Warriors, which came out in the arcades in 1994. No console port of this game has ever been made.

The Plot

The year is 2281, and the United Earth Government and the Principalities of Raia signed a ceasefire treaty, which ended a 50-year long war. However, in 2282, one year after signing the treaty, the Raian capital, Melkide, had captured by an unknown enemy force. The Earth decides to send an army to Raia to retake the capital and free it’s citizens. However, the true purpose of the operation, which was kept a secret from the general public, was to eliminate the unknown enemy force and bring Raia under Earth’s control…

The Gameplay

Armored Warriors has it’s similarities with Final Fight, as it’s also a beat ’em up game, but with mechs instead of human characters. The most notable feature of the game is it’s multiplayer, and up to 3 people can play. Regions of your mech can be switched out, including the legs, arms, and weapons. You can gain said parts by inflicting damage upon enemies, which causes parts to disembark and be picked up by the player.

There are 7 missions in total, each stage has a time limit, a set amount of ammo for your weapons, and requirements for destroying a certain amount of enemies.

The Characters

Jeff Perkins – Age: 22 – Nationality: U.S.A. – Jeff pilots the AEX-10M BLODIA, a mech that is balanced in all areas of combat. Firepower is below average but makes it up in it’s attack distance.

Ray Turner – Age: 28 – Nationality: Raia – Ray, a peace messenger from Raia, pilots the SVA-6L REPTOS, which is a mech designed for close combat. It is the lightest mech in the group, and is also the fastest one.

Glenn Reed – Age: 35 – Nationality: Canada – Glenn pilots the AEX-10H GULDIN, a massive, powerful mech, which is designed to absorb damage and plow through enemies. However, because of it’s size and strength, it is the slowest unit in the group.

Sarah White – Age: 20 – Nationality: France – Sarah, the half-French, half-Raian pliot, who is the youngest in the group, pilots the AEX-12J FORDY. The FORDY is a more balanced unit in terms of attack and ammo, but it is the second fastest mech in the group. However, it is the weakest unit in terms of armor, and it has to use it’s speed capabilities to avoid damage.

My Thoughts

I first discovered this game at Youmacon 2016, and though I was not optimistic at first, as I’m not that much of a fan of beat ’em ups, I decided to try it out anyway. And I got hooked on this game the second I played it. The gameplay is great, the graphics are also excellent, and the soundtrack is pretty good too. But it is a very difficult game, and the controls can be clunky at times. But overall, it’s a very fun game, and it’s a shame that this didn’t get any console ports. Besides Time Crisis II, this is also a game that on my arcade wish list. Check this one out, if you can. I’m sure the original arcade cabinet is hard to come by these days, but I’ve seen this game running on Sega NAOMI arcade cabinets before. Again, if you happen to come across this game, check it out. It’s well worth your time.

My score: 8.75/10


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