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How Hey! Pikmin Should’ve Been on the DS

Arlo’s worst nightmare

Happy 420, everyone. I hope you’re all doing well during quarantine. Now that my local school districts have extended their closures to the end of spring semester, it gave me enough time to start playing some games I’ve had in my backlog. One of those games being Hey! Pikmin for the Nintendo 3DS. It is a platform spin-off of the Pikmin series that plays similarly to Kirby Mass Attack, where you use your stylus to control your Pikmin on where they should go. After playing through the whole game, it gave me the realization on how it should’ve been a thing earlier for the original Nintendo DS.

The control scheme for Hey! Pikmin is really simple and requires no buttons. All it needs is a circle pad (to control Captain Olimar) and your stylus/finger (to throw your Pikmin at whichever area you want on the touch screen). The original DS lacks a circle pad, but after playing the game, I don’t see why it would’ve also used the D-pad as Olimar’s movements are really limited to just moving left and right. The DS is also capable of 3D graphics, but in lower quality polygons like that of N64 games, so it can still pull off some of the larger scale boss battles the game has. If the whole game is still too big to fit into the DS despite the graphical downgrades, then just make it a short retelling of the first game, where you only need to collect 30 parts of Olimar’s ship, and have the 3DS game we have now as the sequel. We’ve had spin-off retellings of Nintendo games before (Yoshi Touch ‘n’ Go and Metroid Prime Pinball come to mind), so it’ll at least suffice. This would mean no Rock Pikmin and Flying Pikmin for continuity reasons, but there’s still the Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin postgame.

I still haven’t finished beating this game

The idea of having Hey! Pikmin on the DS was more than coincidental, as it would help fill in the large 9-year gap between Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3 and keep public interest in the series alive. It would’ve also help soften the backlash the 3DS game received from fans like Arlo (simply because it wasn’t the prematurely announced Pikmin 4) because it would’ve been a well-known spin-off with potential by then. I do look forward to how a sequel would work after Pikmin 4 eventually comes out with species of Pikmin in the roster.

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