Splatfest Encore: Ketchup vs. Mayonnaise

Back in our old Disquis channel, I use to cover every Splatfest that has occurred in Splatoon 2 throughout its 2-year run until the last one on July 2019. But now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic that’s not only put most of us are in lockdown but also interfered with gaming development, it looks like Nintendo has decided to bring back Splatfest to confiscate for its now lackluster 2020 lineup schedule.

Official artwork from the Squid Research Lab

This splatfest is an encore of the first splatfest (not counting the demo): Ketchup and Mayonnaise. Last time, Team Mayonnaise won the event using the old score system, which uses the number of victories based on solo and friends matches. Now we have a new score system that replaces them with clout powers (normal and pro). Whether or not this new system will give Team Ketchup an edge remained to be seen prior to the event.

The Splatfest encore lasted for 3 days this time rather than one day, so I didn’t waste any of my time, other than watching Toonami on Saturday evening, to make sure Team Ketchup won this time. Once a ketchup man, always a ketchup man. In my previous Splatfest articles, I talked about my experience in those matches until the very end, so this is no exception.

Thanks to it starting on a Friday afternoon, I was able to reach Ketchup King/Queen status before the end of the day. This was truly a rematch of great proportions as both sides were giving their all. I was having disconnection problems on Saturday, resulting me getting suspended from online for 5 minutes. And I was on a losing streak this Sunday morning, but I started winning matches again later on. Of course, we still ended up facing other Team Ketchup members due to the online service unable to find enough Mayonnaise players in the lobby.

And now, after 3 days of bloodless carnage, the results were in:

At last, thanks to the new score system, Team Ketchup has gotten its revenge against Team Mayonnaise. And now you’ve got a taste of how my Splatfest articles were like back when they were still around. Once Splatoon 3 hits on the Switch’s successor, you’ll know that Splatfests are coming back, and who knows, I may make more articles about them in the future.

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