It’s Sony, Stupid

We are now witnessing Sony’s big plan.

Sony, along with other major Japanese 3rd party developers they’ve recently done business with (Capcom, I’m looking at you), have been making very questionable decisions that have been damaging to their reputation in the gaming community.

Sony is already a de facto Monopoly, as they have a monopoly in console gaming, as Microsoft has fallen far behind Sony in the 8th gen, and Nintendo decided to focus on the handheld gaming market with the Switch and 3DS.

You’re probably thinking this is good news for Sony, but the only division that has been profitable for Sony has been their gaming division, mainly because Sony has started charging for PSN, something they didn’t do with the PS3. Almost every other division of Sony’s has been falling apart at the seams and are falling behind competitors like Samsung and LG. The PS3 wiped out all the profits Sony made during the 5th and 6th generations of gaming, as Sony lost over $6 billion, and their credit status dropped down to Junk. Nintendo surpassed Sony in overall value for the first time ever in 2014, and things were looking bleak.

The PS4 was made to get Sony out of a rut they created. The industry was not ready for the big jump to HD and hundreds of development studios went out of business as a result of developing for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The Japanese side of the industry was hit hard. Square Enix is in trouble, Capcom is in trouble, Sega is in trouble, Marvelous almost went under, Konami is now in Pachinko because of former Vice President Hideo Kojima’s spendthrifts, and Hudson Soft is gone.

The PS4 managed to break the PS1 and Wii’s sales record of 100 million units sold, yet for some reason Sony has chosen to go on the offensive against their competitors and oddly, towards 3rd party developers that have been major supporters of Sony’s consoles dating back to the late 1990s.

And in 2018, Sony decided to start censoring 3rd party games, even those made in their home country of Japan. People point out that the reason behind this is they moved the PlayStation division from Tokyo to the San Francisco Bay Area. Sure, this move happened in 2016. But in corporate time, changes aren’t immediately felt. In 2018, those changes started to appear.

And it’s not just Japanese 3rd party games that Sony has decided to censor either.

With the release of The Last of Us Part II upon us, Sony has been abusing copyright takedowns and going after YouTubers and Twitter users for leaking information about the game. Sony has also been issuing DMCA takedowns on Twitter to stifle negative press aimed at TLoU Part II.

It’s been widely accepted in the gaming community that Sony has been censoring games to appease the MeToo movement. But this is absurd, and only believed by people who haven’t studied Sony carefully. Anyone who has studied Sony carefully should know that Sony’s censorship agenda regarding Japanese games and TLoU Part II has little to do with MeToo and everything to do with driving Nintendo and Microsoft out of the industry and establishing themselves as the sole power in the gaming industry, giving them a total monopoly, and becoming unstoppable in the process.

But you may think this sounds absurd. You may dismiss this as some sort of conspiracy theory. But I’m not alone in this either. Another blogger has come up with a similar theory regarding Sony’s censorship spree, and I’ll just leave a screenshot of this theory here as I can not say it better myself:

This theory makes sense when you think about it carefully. It also explains why Sony bought Anime distributors such as Funimation and Manga Entertainment. Sony already owns Aniplex and they are stakeholders in both Madhouse and Toei Animation (Yes. THAT Toei Animation.). Anime and Japanese pop culture is starting to become more mainstream in the US and other Western nations, even more so than American pop culture, and Sony is trying to control that market segment. They want to bring the companies that are behind this sort of content under their umbrella and to turn them into subsidiaries that they control.

And why? Because Sony is in massive debt, and they are feeling pressure from their debt holders to make massive changes. And this includes driving Nintendo and Microsoft out of the industry.

3rd party developers may think they run the video game industry, but they don’t. When the majority of Japanese 3rd party developers abandoned Nintendo in 1996 they thought they were now the dominant force in gaming. They were no longer bound by Nintendo’s policies, sure, but little do they realize that they are merely puppets. And Sony is the puppet master.

You really think Japanese 3rd parties don’t like working with Nintendo? You really think they ignore their consoles because they don’t offer one or two features? You think they ignore Nintendo because their hardware “isn’t powerful enough”? Please. I may have been born at night, but it sure as hell wasn’t last night.

You’re being blinded by this fake console war.

Sony is using devious tactics to keep 3rd party developers from working their way back to Nintendo. Bribes, marketing deals, you can easily bet that Sony is doing all of that.

Why do you think Nippon Ichi Software “started” having financial troubles when they started supporting the Switch, and when their President called out Sony for mistreating small developers?

And this fiasco also involved a Sony subsidiary. Coincidence?

This is an indicator that Sony is likely pouring in lots of funding to many of these struggling Japanese developers, and once dependent on Sony’s cash, if they do not tow the PlayStation line, their funding gets cut off.

Thanks to Sony, the video game industry has never been closer to pre-Crash of 1983 status. In fact, this situation is similar to that of the 1983 crash. Quality control has been vanishing, and 3rd parties have been releasing games with bugs and gameplay issues that can only be fixed via patch. And many of these 3rd party developers are struggling financially, like during the crash period. Terrible games have been flooding the market with no way to stop it. Many of the same things happened in the 1983 crash, and it was thought that it would never recover. Until a company by the name of Nintendo and a man by the name of Hiroshi Yamauchi put out a new console known as the Nintendo Entertainment System, and a new policy keeping 3rd party developers from flooding the market with trash games came with it as well. No more crash. Guess who the next Industry leader was?

But a situation like this happening in gaming where the playing field is level may not happen again. There is a war being waged by Sony against Nintendo and Microsoft, and Sony is determined to be the dominant force in gaming. With the major Japanese 3rd party developers refusing to join Nintendo’s side in this battle, we could see Sony swallow them whole and turn them into subsidiaries of Sony.

You may think that can never happen, but remember this: Why do you think Microsoft has been buying up western game development studios en mass the past few years? Why do you think Nintendo purchased MonolithSoft? Because they see a storm brewing. Nintendo and Microsoft know that Sony is in “Go big or go home” mode right now. Sony buying a major 3rd party developer or just buying their IPs (which is what they would most likely do, since buying a major 3rd party in financial trouble like Capcom would mean buying their debt as well) would make their console’s lineup look that much more attractive. Especially since their 1st party game output has always been lagging behind that of Nintendo and even Microsoft (Sony doesn’t even have a 1st party IP as strong as Halo, plus they’ve left Gran Turismo for dead, and Microsoft has been winning the racing game fanbase’s wallets with the Forza Horizon series).

Sony once owned nearly 20% of Squaresoft back in 2001 when Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within bombed at the box office. It was Sony that convinced Square to make movies and it nearly bankrupted them in the process. Again, coincidence?

But the major Japanese 3rd parties like Capcom, Square Enix, and Sega won’t care. With the financial state their companies are in right now, they would happily sell their companies to Sony so their executives can escape with no damage. And there are some who feel that selling off IPs would do the trick to pay off debts, or just to sell off parts of their companies. Or perhaps these clueless executives would be okay with Sony becoming majority stakeholders in their companies, so that Nintendo and Microsoft would not see a single game from Japanese 3rd party developers again.

And so I have a message to these 3rd parties and their executives who dug themselves into this hole:

You ought to be ashamed, because the lot of you are greedy, arrogant, senseless excuses for businessmen. You have earned the fate that is in store for you and your companies. Tomorrow Sony will become majority stakeholders in every major Japanese 3rd party company, and will eventually turn them into subsidiaries. And while all of you are forced out of your jobs, and all of your company’s IPs are bought up en masse and owned entirely by Sony, I want these words to be burned into your minds:

You helped plant the seeds for the destruction of the video game industry by giving Nintendo the middle finger for the past two and a half decades. When over 200 development studios went out of business supporting the HD Twins, you didn’t care. When your companies started suffering major financial setbacks because of developing for the HD Twins, you liked the pretty graphics. When Nintendo fans bought in DROVES the games you put on their consoles, you ignored them and made future entries Sony exclusive. When the Wii sold over 100 million units, you ignored it and dumped shovelware on it to fund your HD spending sprees. When the GameCube finally offered a disk format, you complained about the disk size instead of making multi-disk games. You gave Nintendo fans bad ports of popular 3rd party games and expected them to buy them en masse. And you congratulated yourselves for being virtuous. But none of you are virtuous. You are anything but virtuous.

You are COWARDS.

You went along with Sony’s lies. You flattered yourselves about breaking away from Nintendo’s tyranny. You pretended that Sony would bring great changes to the industry. But now the time has come for you to SUFFER.


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