Splatfest Encore: Chicken vs. Egg

Official artwork from the Squid Research Lab

Better late than never, here’s an overview retrospective of last month’s Splatfest encore, which is the never-ending debate on what came first: the chicken or the egg. If you’ve already studied evolution at your science class, then you would know the answer is objectively the egg, for it has existed long before the first chicken was ever hatched from one. And yet despite this, Team Chicken won last time, and I thought it had more to do with it being associated with white ink (because “haha, semen”). On the last encore, Team Ketchup got its revenge on Team Mayonnaise, so I was hoping Team Eggs gets its due.

Those 3 days were a nightmare though, as I’ve been fighting more members of Team Egg than I did against Team Chicken. And because we don’t get rewarded any clout points for beating our own teammates, coupled with my right joycon drifting during that time, it made our chances of victory slim.

History repeats itself

And so, in the end, Team Chicken won the Splatfest for the second time. It made me wish both our teams were more evened out, so we would’ve gotten more clout points. We still got one more Splatfest to go, which is the Mario-themed Splatfest coming early next year as part of Super Mario Bros.’s 35th anniversary celebration (Team Super Star for me).

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