Armored Warriors review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Time for yet another game review. And it’s an arcade one as well. This was a game that I got to play back at Youmacon 2016, and I was hooked the second I played it. This game was created by the producer of Final Fight, Yoshiki Okamoto, and is an underrated, yet […]

Persona 4 review

alex9234’s Sunday Review – Valentine’s Day Special Welcome to another episode of Sunday Review, and this episode is my Valentine’s Day special. Though Valentine’s Day officially lands on Friday, we’re only 5 days away, and since February is the “Month of Love”, why not review a game that would fit well for Valentine’s Day and […]

Famicom Detective Club Part II review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Back with another review, and this time I’m going to review a game from a series that Nintendo NEEDS to bring back from the dead. Which series? Famicom Detective Club. It’s a little known visual novel series from Nintendo where you are sent to investigate murders, and find out who the culprit […]

Parasite Eve II review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Welcome to yet another episode of Sunday Review, and there was almost no review from me today, because, well, I didn’t know what to review. I was at the second to last Red Wings game at Joe Louis Arena during “Farewell at the Joe” weekend, and during that game, the crowd was […]

FLASHBACK: Square President Apologizes to Nintendo and Takes Responsibility For Ending Their Relationship

This is something that I’ve mentioned before on this site, but I believe it deserves more attention. Because you won’t find the truth on either Nintendo or Square Enix’s Wikipedia pages, Polygon’s 2017 article on Final Fantasy VII’s development, nor any mention of any apology from Square to Nintendo in any of those pages. Which […]

Parasite Eve review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Well, here’s another Sunday game review from yours truly. This time I’m going to dive into one of Square’s lesser known but still respected franchises from their PS1 heyday. Have you ever wondered what Resident Evil and Star Ocean would look like if they got thrown together into a blender? Well, if […]

Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Welcome to another episode of Sunday Review, folks. This time I’m going to review a game from a very niche Atlus franchise that almost none of you who follow this page have heard of (besides pimpalicous, Ray01X and maybe Joshua). I decided to check this series out when I found a copy […]

Policenauts review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Happy new year, and welcome back to another episode of Sunday Review. This time I’m going to review the only Hideo Kojima game that has never seen the light of day in the west. But it’s one that is very popular among Kojima fans, and received a major amount of exposure in […]

Star Ocean 3 review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Welcome back to another episode of Sunday Review. This time I’m going to review one of the most underrated JRPGs in the PlayStation 2’s lineup. The game that takes place last in the Star Ocean timeline, and what is the last great game in the series, Star Ocean: Till the End of […]

Tales of Symphonia review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Hey guys, welcome back to another edition of Sunday Review for the first time in a while. I wasn’t in the mood to do another review for a while because of school and work, but now that I’m done with school, well, why not write another review, eh? Anyway, this time I’m […]

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