FLASHBACK: Square President Apologizes to Nintendo and Takes Responsibility For Ending Their Relationship

This is something that I’ve mentioned before on this site, but I believe it deserves more attention. Because you won’t find the truth on either Nintendo or Square Enix’s Wikipedia pages, Polygon’s 2017 article on Final Fantasy VII’s development, nor any mention of any apology from Square to Nintendo in any of those pages. Which […]

Phil Spencer: Gaming Revolutionary In The Making?

E3 2018 changed my perspective on Microsoft a little bit. I was impressed with the number of games they have put out for the Xbox One, had reasonable praise for their online service, and praised Phil Spencer’s work on turning the Xbox brand around. Like many of you, I am still cautiously optimistic about Microsoft, […]

Bandai Namco: Japanese Gaming’s Two Face

Not really a Lolcow per se, but they do have a history of being very stubborn, malicious, and making very, very questionable decisions, as well as hiring producers and developers that have a tendency to favor one hardware brand over another. Ah yes, Namco. Along with Nintendo, they are one of the pioneers of Japanese […]

Sony Japan Allegedly Clarifies Policies on Censorship

https://twinfinite.net/2019/04/sony-japan-censorship/ “the policies that are being applied nowadays have existed for a long time, but Sony has started to enforce them in stricter ways on a global level. While they technically aren’t new regulations, they have been applied in a rather relaxed way until recent times, and that attitude has now changed.” What did I […]

One Of The Most Shameful Episodes In Gaming Journalism History

Editors note: repost from the old Disqus site. Before we all abandon this place for a new site on either WordPress, Blogger or Medium, I felt that we should remember what drove us to make our site in the first place. It all started at E3 2015. It was an E3 that we were expecting […]

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