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Splatoween Encore: Trick or Treat

Official artwork from the Splatoon Tumblr account

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone. This article was suppose to be ready right after the Splatoween encore was over, but then work got in the way, so I didn’t have enough time to post it. Last month’s encore is Trick vs. Treat, and I’ve chosen Team Treat before because I love candy, so I’ve chosen the team now. They also won Splatoween last time, and I’ve learned from the previous encore that even teams who won the first time can win again.

My right joycon stopped drifting during my week training for the event, but now my R button wasn’t working as much, which concerned me about how I’ll be unable to use my sub-weapons effectively. Fortunately, it was working properly during the actual event. Like all Splatfest encores so far, it’s a 3-day event, so I was able to reach King/Queen status on the first day. I had more victories on Normal Mode than Pro Mode, though it could be because you get some clout points even if your team loses a match (just not as much as the winning team).

My gamble on picking the team who won last time paid off, as Team Treat won the Splatoween encore. I’m starting to notice a pattern with these encores. They get announced bi-monthly, which means we might have a holiday Splatfest encore next month and eventually the upcoming Mario Splatfest on February 2021. So, see you on December.

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