Splatfest Encore: Chicken vs. Egg

Better late than never, here’s an overview retrospective of last month’s Splatfest encore, which is the never-ending debate on what came first: the chicken or the egg. If you’ve already studied evolution at your science class, then you would know the answer is objectively the egg, for it has existed long before the first chicken […]

The Politics of Sonic the Hedgehog, Or Why Metal Sonic Is Better Than Shadow

Sonic has had his fair share of rivals throughout the past 29 years of his gaming career. From the memeable Knuckles the Echidna to the edgy Shadow the Hedgehog to the loudmouth Jet the Hawk. But out of all rivals, none are as influential as Sonic’s original rival, who is his robotic doubleganger Metal Sonic. […]

How Hey! Pikmin Should’ve Been on the DS

Happy 420, everyone. I hope you’re all doing well during quarantine. Now that my local school districts have extended their closures to the end of spring semester, it gave me enough time to start playing some games I’ve had in my backlog. One of those games being Hey! Pikmin for the Nintendo 3DS. It is […]

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Another review from yours truly. This time I’m going to review not only one of the most underrated Resident Evil games, but also one of the most underrated gems on the PS1. Don’t get me wrong here, this game gets plenty of praise from PS1 and Resident Evil fans alike, but the […]

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Welcome to another episode of Sunday Review. This time I’m going to review a Resident Evil fan favorite. This is by far the most difficult game in the series, this was the last Resident Evil game to feature Claire Redfield as a main character until RE: Revelations 2, and this was also […]

Resident Evil (1996) review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Welcome to another episode of Sunday Review. Though it’s not Halloween, yet, this is still a game worth playing any time of the year. It’s famous for it’s horrible yet hilarious voice acting and for redefining the survival horror genre. This game is the original Resident Evil, which came out on the […]

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