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Super Mario Splatfest

Well then, the announcement for Splatoon 3 came out of nowhere, and it’s coming out on the Switch instead of its eventual successor (some Nintendo titles such as Mario Kart come once every system). To celebrate, I’ll be going over my experience with the final FINAL splatfest of Splatoon 2, which is Mario-themed to celebrate the series’ 35th anniversary.

The Mario Splatfest has you choose between two iconic power-up items from the series: the common Super Mushrooms and the rare Super Stars. I’ve chosen Team Super Star because 10 seconds of invincibility is all worth it to get across tricky enemy blockades and spike-covered floors. It lasted for 3 days like the other Splatfest encores.

The first day was rather frustrating because I was constant internet disconnections, which got me banhammered several times, making grinding to reach King/Queen status longer than it should’ve taken. The second day was just me spending time playing Salmon Run with one of my online friends, who just recently gotten the game and unfortunately picked the opposite team, so we couldn’t play a Splatfest Turf War together. Once she was done with Salmon Run for the day, I went back to playing the Splatfest. The final day was the same as the second day. Throughout these 3 days, I’ve been facing my own teammates most of the time, meaning Team Super Star had more members than Team Super Mushroom, which only mean one thing…

Team Super Mushroom was at an advantage to gaining more clout than Team Super Star, since you earn zero clout for winning against your own teammates, resulting in their eventual victory. This marks the second time Pearl has won the final Splatfest (the first time being Chaos vs. Order, which resulted the theme setting for Splatoon 3). That’s all the Splatfest articles for now, so I’ll be seeing you next year when the game finally hits in stores.

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