Sakura Wars 2 review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Welcome back to another episode of Sunday Review, and today, I’m reviewing a game that I just completed at 2 in the morning! Literally! This review is for Travis Touchdown, as I recall Travis being interested in checking out Sakura Wars. Sega had a huge hit on their hands with the first […]

Sakura Wars review

alex9234’s Sunday Review After a short hiatus, here’s another episode of Sunday Review from yours truly. This review is for Travis Touchdown, as I recall him being interested in checking out this series. This series was a major hit in Japan, and it helped put the Sega Saturn on the map in Japan as well, […]

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Welcome to another episode of Sunday Review, and finally, I have decided to review what was my most anticipated game for 3 years. This was originally announced as Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, and all sects of both the Fire Emblem and MegaTen fanbases got excited. Then, Atlus was bought by […]

What if Square joined forces with Sega?

Keep in mind that this is only one out of many possible scenarios. As you all know, JRPG developer Square was in their prime during the late 1980s and pretty much all of the 90s. Back when they supported Nintendo, they put out great games such as Final Fantasy 1-6, Chrono Trigger, Front Mission, Secret […]

Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Ah, it’s that time once again. Time for another Sunday Review, the segment where I review games that are unique and a fresh change of pace from the same old. Today we’re going to look at one of the most obscure and underrated games in the Game Boy Advance’s library. I’d be […]

C’s ware – An Obscure and Forgotten Japanese Visual Novel Developer

*AGE WARNING: This discussion contains links to some NSFW images, so take note if you are under the age of 18 so you can avoid these links.* This is a discussion that I had wanted to do for almost 2 years now, as over the past 4 years, I was building up my collection of […]

Why is the Japanese RPG Genre Declining?

The Japanese RPG genre has been in a sticky spot for almost a decade now. The popularity of the genre has been declining as of late, and if people aren’t playing them these days then the genre is bound to disappear down the road. Though Nintendo, Atlus, NIS and MonolithSoft has been doing their best […]

The War on Gaming

This is something that I have wanted to write about for a long time now. I’ve wanted to write this since before I started visiting Playeressence and before this site was even created. This is something that I know that I know I’m going to get shit on for endlessly, so if you disagree with […]

Sleeping Dogs review

alex9234’s Sunday Review Ah yes, I’s been quite some time since I did one of these. Time for yet another game review, and today we’re looking at one of the most underrated sleeper hits of the 7th generation of gaming. This is considered to be the spiritual successor to the True Crime series, and is […]

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